Clinical Staff Privileges

The attorneys at Weiss Zarett Brofman Sonnenklar & Levy, P.C. routinely represent physicians and allied health care providers with respect to matters involving their medical staff privileges at academic and community hospitals, as well as larger health systems. A health care provider’s hospital affiliations and privileges are often central to a provider’s practice. The denial, loss or curtailment of those privileges are typically reportable to the National Practitioner Data Bank, and could adversely affect future practice and employment opportunities and professional credentialing efforts. The recent trend of physician employment by hospital systems adds complexity and importance to these disputes.

Our attorneys have many years of experience representing health care providers who are being denied medical staff privileges, or who are at risk of losing their privileges through corrective actions or disciplinary proceedings. Whether it is a summary suspension, a “due process” hearing, the Public Health and Health Planning Council proceedings or a judicial action to challenge adverse actions against privileges, our attorneys provide guidance in navigating this unique succession of grievance, appeal and litigations proceedings.

Relatedly last, we frequently assist physicians in matters involving allegations of “disruptive behavior” or drug/alcohol/psychiatric impairments, and residents and fellows threatened with probation, suspension or termination from training programs and related ACGME issues.

We also assist clients in reviewing their medical staff structures and bylaws, and provide counsel relating to medical staff leadership challenges.

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