Commercial Litigation

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For 20 years, Weiss Zarett Brofman Sonnenklar & Levy, P.C., has helped businesses in New Hyde Park, NY and beyond with our commercial litigation services. As one of the top local law firms, our team has committed itself to directly helping clients and establishing strong relationships. When you choose us, you’ll know where to turn when you need help. We want your business to achieve only the best results when it comes to these matters. Due to our focus on being an open and trustworthy firm, we’re able to provide the best, highest-quality commercial litigation services. 

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Our Commercial Litigation Services

As a boutique law firm, we can offer practical and individualized guidance that meets our clients’ needs. The attorneys at Weiss Zarett Brofman Sonnenklar & Levy, P.C., handle a wide range of cases from commercial litigation and arbitration through the appellate stage. 

We work with our clients to create a strategy that best works to manage their commercial matters, whether litigation or alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

Weiss Zarett Brofman Sonnenklar & Levy, P.C., has the experience necessary to try a wide range of commercial issues including, but not limited to:

  • Business torts 
    • Fraud 
    • Tortious interference with contracts 
    • Restrictive covenants 
    • Non-solicitation 
  • Contracts and commercial agreements 
  • Employment matters 
  • Partnership and shareholders disputes 
  • Compensation and severance disputes

The Commercial Litigation Process, Explained

Essentially, commercial litigation is an umbrella term that will apply to business-related issues. The process will involve two parties and differs from civil litigation as it involves businesses rather than individuals and typically involves complex or specialized issues both factually and legally. Most often, commercial litigation will be filed in federal rather than state court. 

Why You Can Trust In Weiss Zarett Brofman Sonnenklar & Levy, P.C.

Our team has decades of extensive state and federal commercial litigation experience. That experience enables us to achieve better results regardless of whether the matter settles or proceeds to trial. While any commercial litigation can be cost-intensive and protracted, our attorneys handle cases in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 

We firmly believe that our clients should be aware of everything involved with their case. We’ll keep you informed and provide transparency on charges. Our team will also be available when you need to speak with us. We respond the same day and most often within the hour.

Litigation FAQs

What exactly is commercial litigation?

Commercial litigation can involve any aspect and type of dispute that can arise in a business context. A commercial dispute arises when one or more parties is a business entity such as a corporation or partnership. It is typically processed the same way as civil litigation.  

In which situations can a commercial litigation lawyer help me? 

Some of the most common commercial litigation disputes include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Breach of contract 
  • Breach of fiduciary duty 
  • Partnership disputes 
  • Fraud 
  • Bad faith 
  • Unfair competition 
  • Insurance coverage disputes/denial of coverage 
  • Real estate litigation 
  • Securities litigation 
  • Commercial oil and gas litigation 
  • Theft of trade secrets 
  • Trademark infringement 
  • Patent infringement and patent disputes 
  • Other business and commercial disputes

For Confidence In The Commercial Litigation Process, Choose Weiss Zarett Brofman Sonnenklar & Levy, P.C.

It may not always be possible to avoid business-related disputes, which is why it’s in your best interest to hire a reputable team of commercial litigation experts. By choosing Weiss Zarett Brofman Sonnenklar & Levy, P.C., you will have a team with success in the commercial litigation process on your side. 

We want your business to have continued success. Our team is prepared to take on some of the most challenging and complex matters you can face. Reach out to us and find out more about how we can help your situation and provide you with transparent, reliable, and quality legal services.